Friday, December 3, 2010

The Journey

Life is a never ending story

Marked by commas,

A full stop is scary.

We decide to live it

The way we see it

Yet each day

It teaches a lesson

To show the reason

Why Life is a twisted tale

And not a moment can be stale

We fall and stand and learn

Each day and each night

The only way to know

What’s wrong and what’s right.

Perceptions are made

And something is said

Friends and Foes always along

Life is a high pitched song

With each stanza a new era starts

Anyone met and loved one day parts

No Constant-s and No Same-s

This is one of its favorite games !!

So far So good ...Hope to be better J


  1. Not able to read the font. It is coming in webdings.

  2. yeah..this is life...full of ups and downs...the only resort is flow with it...but in direction that you define for yourself...good write..