Thursday, September 23, 2010

India - The next superpower

And I wondered as I had been wondering since a week, is India really Shining? I was watching the same TOI Initiative walla India shining song ( Tum chalo to Hindustan chalein.....) and the same TOI for the last week writes nothing more but about India's whining .

Things as depicted in our newspapers seem to go wrong for every turn, facts as a ceiling falling , a bridge collapsing and frauds have become synonyms currently in the context of the Common Wealth Games. With a sigh , over 6 years and 35000 Crores we could have done better.
I saw Bhanat's statement just 2 hours ago , on the matter of a dog sleeping on the beds of the rooms in which players will stay. And Ripley's believe it or not it takes some kick in your ass or some damn level of authority to say that "The standard of Hygiene for India and other countries are different, the rooms are in good state with respect to us and it varies for other countries" and that is saying something.I wondered what my granma will say to that 'Sleeping with dogs' , she would probably collapse saying 'Ram Ram .. kya zamana a gaya hai'.

However if we just stop and think, in our respective careers or in school, any function we organize or any project we work on , if that comes into trouble for say a timeline issue , unanimously everyone works on it with only a collective goal in mind to make it shine on the delivery day.I wonder why we are not doing the same in this case , it's more of a question.. I don't know...I wonder why...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the road today ..

A midst the wave of crimson red powder that almost look my hair look like the Yr. 2000 hair do models when hair coloring had just started, I struggled to get near a spot from which any mobile vehicle could be seen, to get to my office.(mobile because the street was clustered with vehicles that were missing the main element of their existence )

Before coming to Hyderabad I had this illusion that Ganesh Pooja or Ganesh Visarjan or Ganesh Chaturthi was a native festival of Maharashtra and thus was celebreated more in the northern regions of the country but I was totally proved wrong when I saw atleast 4, 15 ft. high Ganesh idols on the same street , being worshipped by followers with audio effects that ran something like 'Smackthat...Moriya re... Chalo bulava aya hai Mata ne bulaya hai..smackthat...Ganpatti babba..Sai baba..Shridi wale...'. In these situations it becomes difficult to know which festival is being celebrated if you havent got hawk eyes to screen through the crowd to see the idol or you don't follow the old calendar which Mommas keep at home for figuring out regional holidays.In my case I was beaten at both points , and thus landed up in the midst of a huge Visarjan procession not knowing how to reach office or go back to home.

The spark of hope came with the arrival of Indian Dandewalah or police people as we call them in India and the procession's interest being shifted from GaneshJi to Super GaneshJi ( owing to the fact that all of them had round belly's like the idol and would have happily gulped the laddu which were kept afront).I managed to caught site of an Autowalah Bhaiya , and ran at my fullest with a 100 Rs. note flinging in my hand ( to give all of the 100 not my purpose, to lure him on this basis was).

And here I am writing this, sitting in my cozy chair ,sipping my coffee and hoping I listen to mom when she says things rather than type on my laptop repeating the same 'Huh'.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fatal Attraction

It's not about the movie, a bollywood or for that matter a hollywood hunk, a skimpy dress in one of the overpricedstores or a new cuisine my cook just learnt!It's about the only thing I have started craving for when I cannot cope up with things, or want a break from.

Chai( ENGLISH : Chai , FRENCH : Latte) has occupied an importanat place in my software cladden life.I look up to it morning ,noon and night.The brown syrupy liquid gives me a gateway to exit my present qualms and I float into a world where I see things as I want to, coming back only when the cup empties.An add on these days is my brother whose living me these days and surprisingly makes super duper Masala Chai.

I thrive to delve deep into the CHAI WORLD , and soon will be quenching my thrust googling for it.More to follow on this one.

The Sunshine and the little wine

And I drank ,
with all my strength and all my will,
for I was making an effort to see
what was long behind hidden in the shadows of dark.

What it was and why it was
was Hidden from me and itself
and through the dark, that someone inside me I missed the most
I leaped for and slowly called..

'It's me' I said and the voice echoed " I cannot be more close to myself than now"
and I realized
nobody else is alive who knows me better than I do today
so the sun shines and I gulp the left little wine.

And take what has now become of me, that ME which I had thought was in the dark was actually always there.....

We sometimes try to find something in us which was there before and has changed over the course of time , and not finding that leap into past not rejoicing the present.