Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I thought life was easy so i took it dat ways ,untill i got hurt n realised dat its meant to be wat it is after u learn from ur mistakes.

mistakes wat kind-talkin to sum1 ,bein friendly,acting childish,bein selfish..

was my college life d dream i always thght or was it just girdish.i have learnt n learnt n forgoten n learnt from people n thghts n actions n burns...

But i will remember the plannings made for long...every event was planned not in a manner but in gather
we gathered in a circle..n all with various Bill gates outviews ...with a new charging strength to change the world- d system
OOPS!!! blunder always d result was as giving a push to the FE2O3 covered piston...
jammed n buked wid overrloaded view..each of us dyin to beat others shoe
we failed to organise naythin properly, least our thoughts..which were always scammered around the opponents pots
n we made groups of 10 n 4 n 6 n 2
2 for people who were to be lady n beau...
roamed n passed n cheared n shared...the worst of the jokes n d news abt college's hottest pair
longed for d moments "chai peene chal rah hai key"
are pehle pooch to le"Sharma ka hai kya bey"

n we were puzzled n troubled by d monster 8 times throughout...
always said at d last"yar pls pack out...."
xm time -wen we read less, typed more"kitna ho gaya?"d answer irrespectine to person time n place was "watt lagi hai,main to gaya".
d seasons wen we laughed n d ones wen we cried.. bt we will remember dis witout annoy..for years to cum n years to go...we will cherish the beauty of our college joys!!!!!!

Happy Final year.