Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pouring wonder

Monsoon is the only season
when u remember somebody without reason
the tinkling rain pearls on the leaves
reminds u of the moments u once weaved..
Even unsaid words say something..
n those unspoken says more then silence
the days that never had the sand of balance
as they say "no reason to fall for a reason"
starting to believe in these adages is you the PERSON.

You sit by the window or in the garden among the green lushes
feeling the days of college remarkably a period of crushes
the laptop n the coffee mug by the side
may be are the only friends who abide
distance strengthens the bond of any hood
but it also separates the leaves from the wood
As the days pass these leaves blow far away
and the tree also grows beyond the pathway
In directions u go leaving memory lanes
new chapters being written, remembering the past only
when it rains.

Oh droplets why do you remind me of 'ed's'..
when all I want is live in the present..
for this season gives me is not only pleasure
but brings back the days that were carefree laced with leisure
when my spirit was the slave of 'curiosity'
days n nights passed a without 'responsibility'
As I end dis I know after years another will be typed
when the season of life will change and arrives the MONSOON much hyped.

For all those who I call my friends,who were anytime there within good or bad,the ones I have had crushes on,the once who liked and perhaps do like me,my BEST FRENS(more then 1),my partners in crime and in good deeds,people who have praised me and consider worthwhile,for ONES I have met walking somewhere sometime and have liked and finally for the ones who remind me of the droplets during the MONSOON.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The girl was asking every passerby “I want to paint the Mountain of God, can u tell me where would I get the paint colors?” People thought she was mad and without giving a vocal answer they depicted from the gestures alone what they thought of her. Has somebody simply asked” where do I get paint colors here” he/she would have got an entry ticket to the world of sane i.e. our world.

There is a very thin line of distinction between sanity and being considered mad. I used the word considered because madness is a relative term. Perhaps people (a part of them) can consider me mad too for choosing to write on a topic which is not a favorite among the readers of youth. But certainly the desire to write what one wants prevails badly and so this. And this probably is the line of that distinction: people considered mad have that desire like us but they have the freedom to execute and express it too. Like I am sitting in a party and have a nauseous feeling, I have the sense (I believe it to be sense!!) to control this feeling till I reach the washroom unlike the Ms (considered mad=M) who will not control there will to do anything not thinking what others will think about them. THE PEOPLE factor which guides our lives is absent from theirs.

Ms generally want to cut all their links to the outside world due to the trepidation of loosing their freedom of expression. Here by freedom I do not only mean the Physical activities of presenting oneself but the mental ability to extend your wants and get out of the domain of” code of conduct”.

Being mad is just living in our own world and being different. But as we look into the History, Einstein and Columbus were initially considered mad too .As Amir Khan said in TZP “Unhone duniya ko apni alag nazar se dekha……” Human tendency works in such a way that it discards any out of the league thought for the first time and subjects it to debates and criticism. Later all of us end up studying Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

Let’s discuss a story to actually understand the world –

A Wizard wanted to conquer a whole kingdom. He went to the City well and poisoned the water. Whoever drank from it showed unusual signs of madness laughing loud, running around and clapping for no reason. The King however drank from a different well and thus was not effected, he tried to control the situation but the people were insane and they considered the King who wasn’t like them to be mad (understand that the King was now different from them behaving differently) and hence they wanted to throw him from the throne. The King and his family were afraid and they decided to leave the Kingdom forever. However in the morning the King decided that he and his family will also drink from the poisoned well. This way the King too started behaving the same way as others were and continued to rule for a long time.

People considered sane thus are only sane in the sense that they do same things as others may be including, wearing a half meter cloth for a dress after all its fashion and being fashionable is being sane isn’t it?

Another parameter associated with madness is Control. A loss of control can be confused with being mad but they are different altogether. Control can be in 2 forms-You control the mind or let the mind control you. The former we all have done in our lives .Stay mad but behave normally or in league i.e. control your mind but do not let the fear take over you. But what is the Real you here, It’s what you are and not what others think or make of you.

So a M actually doesn’t mean being ill treated or loosing some control it just allows you the freedom of execution and expression without the right to stand for any Political post [:P].