Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pouring wonder

Monsoon is the only season
when u remember somebody without reason
the tinkling rain pearls on the leaves
reminds u of the moments u once weaved..
Even unsaid words say something..
n those unspoken says more then silence
the days that never had the sand of balance
as they say "no reason to fall for a reason"
starting to believe in these adages is you the PERSON.

You sit by the window or in the garden among the green lushes
feeling the days of college remarkably a period of crushes
the laptop n the coffee mug by the side
may be are the only friends who abide
distance strengthens the bond of any hood
but it also separates the leaves from the wood
As the days pass these leaves blow far away
and the tree also grows beyond the pathway
In directions u go leaving memory lanes
new chapters being written, remembering the past only
when it rains.

Oh droplets why do you remind me of 'ed's'..
when all I want is live in the present..
for this season gives me is not only pleasure
but brings back the days that were carefree laced with leisure
when my spirit was the slave of 'curiosity'
days n nights passed a without 'responsibility'
As I end dis I know after years another will be typed
when the season of life will change and arrives the MONSOON much hyped.

For all those who I call my friends,who were anytime there within good or bad,the ones I have had crushes on,the once who liked and perhaps do like me,my BEST FRENS(more then 1),my partners in crime and in good deeds,people who have praised me and consider worthwhile,for ONES I have met walking somewhere sometime and have liked and finally for the ones who remind me of the droplets during the MONSOON.


  1. POORVI is back with yet another dazzling and nail biting stuff and good news for all blog guzzlers ..This time with the buzzword—“monsoon”

    This spur-of-the-moment portrayal is something out of the ordinary for the reason that it does not take a hell lot of imagination for deducing its quintessence .MONSOON is a strange beast….i say so because it is so pervasive but really takes toll when we start re-establishing all its grandeur… I doubt that anyone but Poorvi can so effortlessly recreate this terrific confluence of euphoric and poignant moments which is associated with the buzzword here…MONSOON.

    Incredible.!!.It could not have been scripted better..keep writing..

  2. I specially liked the pehli chaar panktiya ..... till then i had percieved the poem to be of romantic genre ....but it u turned giving a pleasant surprise..
    seems lyk u'v not got ovr reminiscizing the charming college days as yet ...
    anyways poorvi .... this poem was quite terrific as sharad has already established seems you'v been improving by the tick of clock in whatever u'v done in the last 2 years ... cheers!!
    keep writing !

  3. As each one of us has dreams n plans for our future, so do all of us have some memories of our past, either the ones to be cherished or simply the forgettable ones.

    And then there are occasions or situations that trigger the recall of those memories........

    The poem dwells into one such occasion - 'Monsoon' which takes the poetess back to the memories of her college days.

    Throughout the poem a fine balance is maintained between the memories of past n hopes about the future. It is imbued with nostalgic feelings n yet is able to retain the essence of philosophy of life.
    While reading the poem, ones feels that certain words/phrases/punctuations r deliberately inserted or removed, maybe to improve the rhyme n for the smooth flow of poem.

    Overall a genuine attempt by Poorvi to weave Memories with her imaginations into a poem!

  4. Awesome !!!

    Khud ka hai kya copy paste ??? ;)
    Waise its great... both the content and the rythm in the words :)

  5. U brought monsson to Hyderabad....awesome stuff....

  6. Monsoons never come soon enough,

    They lead us in to crests and leave when in a trough,

    So easy to reminisce about the umbrella shared,

    For the feelings that said Someone cared,

    For the rains that come and wash away,

    For the truth that comes and is here to stay,

    Days go away, moments remain,

    They are our reflections in the pouring rain

    Couldn't really control the words as they were streaming forth. A beautiful poem, a time that was simpler from something more tragic, Monsoon is one of the best poems I have ever read!!

    Keep up the writing Madam Codepoet

  7. I went through your first blog and I HAD to go through every single piece!
    You are wonderful.. :)