Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If you want to dance :)

There was this little boy I knew who absolutely hated to dance and then one day he had to perform in front of an audience of 50+ people. And guess what he failed? failed, fell down, became conscious and ran off stage. he never danced again - citing his balance as the issue.

While watching this video online, I realized that any task is more about passion than about having the right architecture and technicalities(which come into picture later when you shed your fear for the task)..

watch and enjoy the song and yeah dance .. :)

and let me know how did you like shaking on this tune!!

My Current State v3.0

Whats is a state of self finding - knowing what you like and dislike and not everyone thinks you like and dislike. What makes you happy and what will stay with you forever and make you happy.

I am going through a roller coaster ride of decisions in my life so far. Trying to identify careers, working on what I like, trying to work hard on my project and learning from my knowledgeable team mates, working under some really inspiring people, learning to paint, working on a non profit venture and simultaneously spending some quality time with husband and family back at home.

I named this article - current state v3.0 because this is the third year in my life so far, when I felt that dreams can be converted into realities, only if you wake yourself and be passionate about a cause, a task and or any initiative in life.

In this fast moving world, your experiences with people, places and perfection is what remains with you years after and I am trying to chase a dream in the land of amazing chaos. 

More about my dreams, the trip to Alaska and my current take on a hip hop style Telghu dance number in the next articles..

Also, want to thank everyone who left wonderful comments and suggestion on the blog posts while I was away..