Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Current State v3.0

Whats is a state of self finding - knowing what you like and dislike and not everyone thinks you like and dislike. What makes you happy and what will stay with you forever and make you happy.

I am going through a roller coaster ride of decisions in my life so far. Trying to identify careers, working on what I like, trying to work hard on my project and learning from my knowledgeable team mates, working under some really inspiring people, learning to paint, working on a non profit venture and simultaneously spending some quality time with husband and family back at home.

I named this article - current state v3.0 because this is the third year in my life so far, when I felt that dreams can be converted into realities, only if you wake yourself and be passionate about a cause, a task and or any initiative in life.

In this fast moving world, your experiences with people, places and perfection is what remains with you years after and I am trying to chase a dream in the land of amazing chaos. 

More about my dreams, the trip to Alaska and my current take on a hip hop style Telghu dance number in the next articles..

Also, want to thank everyone who left wonderful comments and suggestion on the blog posts while I was away..

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