Thursday, December 20, 2007

If Only!!!

If only!!!!

This word has a great significance in our life..
if only (a man wished) i could have a bombshell for a wife.
morning noon or night are incomplete without it..
if only i can make her love me, though just a bit.

Without this dreamy condition of virtuality..
life really seems to be reality.
and we are not happy often with real things..
because they don't bring the joy hallucination brings.

If only the one i love cud love me back..
this world would be like a heaven side pack.
if only the one whose mad for me..
can lesson d feeling n just be.

If only i was Miss world or some beauty queen..
people would admire me,seen on the television screen.
if only i could be a muscular big shot..
gals would run after me,happily beating opponents pot.

If only i could be a bit like the topper n get load full marks..
i wudnt have to withstand the threat of being thrown to sharks.
the result day wudnt be another traumatizing day..
i would live happily not only Saturdays but also Mondays.

If only i was like dis, satisfied with them n have got that..
the poem wudnt have been written ever, but always a thought.
"if only" this word cud be erased ;)
our happiness wont be IF based.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

She Is The One!!!!!

She is the one!!

Its difficult to actually describe her in words..
as dedicated as a teacher and as independent as birds.
From morning to noon and noon to nite..
she has taken care of all our fites!!

From d day i was born to the day i will live..
she has always followed the philosophy of 'give'.
Never has she desired anything other than joy..
even those...wholeheartedly were for her daughter and boy.

She has always wanted everything for the self last and least..
her all prayers were centered around protecting us from the worldly beast.
All our sorrows always evaporated and we dinno where..
we even din get to know that dey were deposited in her share.

we were her stars ,we were her life..
she even considered motherhood above 'The Wife'.
to see a smile on whose faces she worked day n nite..
balancing the spectacles...even on the week eye side.

When i studied in the nite,i wasnt alone ever..
there was always that hand guiding me forever.
happy for my success and sad when i failed..
she never showed her tears to me but alone she wailed.

The woman who requires a special mention of praise..
those silent eyes,peaceful mind and loving gaze.
This is to the woman i love admire n respect..
whoose dedication even the almighty cant suspect
to the world she may be just another
but to me shes the one i call MY MOTHER!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Her Dream.....the girl.....

The Dream.....the Love!!!!

This is the most unofficial draft of love one could make,
Still if he is reading its only for his sake
She have felt this for quite a long time now...
But still took time to tell him how..

The sea breezes, the rain seizes...the sun n the moon,
All remind that he will come soon...
Out of her dreams into reality...
So nobody could call him an illusion or virtuality.

She dreams about him not only when she hears bollywood songs..
Not only when she sees Bipasha in John’s arms...
Also when her cousin is getting married
With the dreamy bubbles over her head , getting all carried.

She imagines him a blend of Kunal, John and Arjun Rampal,
Blue eyes , muscular built and Black Bal...
But that’s not all......intellect also matters,
Anything less than Bill gates ....and all her dream shatters.

Mom tells her....”come out of your dream world”

She hasn’t stopped dreaming...definitely not!!
HIM...who understands her...her dreams...n what she’s got...
Some1 who will always stand by her in happier moments and sad days
Holding her hand mopping her brow....all Saturdays and Mondays.
HIS love wont be related to her beauty or her age
Whose name will be written on her life’s each and every page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goal...set,got...or still not identified???


And i woke up....praying that God dis is d last time i am wanting something .Clasping m hand together to pray for what was i thought was my ultimate goal in life.

Part 1:
This was d day when my 10th board exam result were due.i thought d biggest thing in the world was to get 90% and u know show off among ur friends n all dat.Not 90% But i almost was satisfied with my performance in the result.The world was so much more beautiful n full of the mighty to live .And i thght this day wudnt cum again .....blah blah....BUT GUESS WAT???
This day came again –It was my 12Th board exams results!!!!
N dan again entrances n....Job...companies ,selection ,engineering result and wat not.Always burdened ..working towards what i thght was my ultimate goal....each time wanting more from God from people from parents and friends.Just following the latest trends!! Not realising that this want to want more is not what i always wanted in my life.
It became more important to show what you know ...rather dan gather what u dont.(Oh...god n it rhymes too so i better write in my poetic form [;)] ).
I was like a child making a mistake to eat candies though advised by his dentist not to do so..
n ending up each time asking god to forgive him for this last go.
I always mummed “god ,dis last time lemme have it...never will i ask for more”
And afterwards(the next result) the same little jolly line repeated with a sore...
The Goal was to get marks n marks n “marks without knowledge”
But guess dats d upcming n the oldest trend in the college.

Part 2:
N i was stupified when i got in this DREAM COMPANY...i have never seen myself this happy....n the past months have been really so..Until later two things happened.
Thing or incident no.1:
I was waiting for this presentation of mine... d final year presentation we had to make for our project.It was d day b4...i was just thinking ways to keep th e presentation high profile...with starting lines to be more technical dan d whole project was.The points i cud show we can be better dan the others.U knw like we All do(Sure u do too!!!! ).n dan sumbody said-“isnt it always about show u knw wat u really want to present ...or actually who u are trying to impress...or wat will happen after this impression show...what will u gain”
It left me with a void as to what we drive at ,throughout are whole study of wat we consider Graduation of Basic Academices.Are we well enough graduated in what we ought to.
Or else its just a part of race ...a lame race we all think we ought to compete in...just coz the others are.Do we actually know what we are studing finds its application where.Do we still the importance of W5H(what where when why WOW how) principle or are these just bookish words to gain what we call”topper marks”.

Thing or incident no.2:
I read dis book called “The Goal”...By an author whoose name is too long too write.
But anyways the whole point is –What is the Goal?For our existance,for our individuality,for our dreams, for just our being there?These are some basic questions ..let alone why i am pursuing engineering or why i want a job in this field.
This may sound a bit awkward but To get a good job or a good hike in salary or marks are they all?
Or dere are things that are often overlooked by us in the search of wordly wonders.I absolutely agree to the idea dat these are important but dere are dreams which need to be understood in the rite form.In short Knowledge is necessary for any application.
Do all the readers have the answer to these questions.For those who have...stop reading the article dis minute.U have what u want.Else try to find ur goal in the writer just found it after writing the article.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I thought life was easy so i took it dat ways ,untill i got hurt n realised dat its meant to be wat it is after u learn from ur mistakes.

mistakes wat kind-talkin to sum1 ,bein friendly,acting childish,bein selfish..

was my college life d dream i always thght or was it just girdish.i have learnt n learnt n forgoten n learnt from people n thghts n actions n burns...

But i will remember the plannings made for long...every event was planned not in a manner but in gather
we gathered in a circle..n all with various Bill gates outviews ...with a new charging strength to change the world- d system
OOPS!!! blunder always d result was as giving a push to the FE2O3 covered piston...
jammed n buked wid overrloaded view..each of us dyin to beat others shoe
we failed to organise naythin properly, least our thoughts..which were always scammered around the opponents pots
n we made groups of 10 n 4 n 6 n 2
2 for people who were to be lady n beau...
roamed n passed n cheared n shared...the worst of the jokes n d news abt college's hottest pair
longed for d moments "chai peene chal rah hai key"
are pehle pooch to le"Sharma ka hai kya bey"

n we were puzzled n troubled by d monster 8 times throughout...
always said at d last"yar pls pack out...."
xm time -wen we read less, typed more"kitna ho gaya?"d answer irrespectine to person time n place was "watt lagi hai,main to gaya".
d seasons wen we laughed n d ones wen we cried.. bt we will remember dis witout annoy..for years to cum n years to go...we will cherish the beauty of our college joys!!!!!!

Happy Final year.