Thursday, December 20, 2007

If Only!!!

If only!!!!

This word has a great significance in our life..
if only (a man wished) i could have a bombshell for a wife.
morning noon or night are incomplete without it..
if only i can make her love me, though just a bit.

Without this dreamy condition of virtuality..
life really seems to be reality.
and we are not happy often with real things..
because they don't bring the joy hallucination brings.

If only the one i love cud love me back..
this world would be like a heaven side pack.
if only the one whose mad for me..
can lesson d feeling n just be.

If only i was Miss world or some beauty queen..
people would admire me,seen on the television screen.
if only i could be a muscular big shot..
gals would run after me,happily beating opponents pot.

If only i could be a bit like the topper n get load full marks..
i wudnt have to withstand the threat of being thrown to sharks.
the result day wudnt be another traumatizing day..
i would live happily not only Saturdays but also Mondays.

If only i was like dis, satisfied with them n have got that..
the poem wudnt have been written ever, but always a thought.
"if only" this word cud be erased ;)
our happiness wont be IF based.


  1. poorvi...u hav d style but i'd say this 1 wz not in d same league as sm of ur previous choice of words is immaculte though but still u cud hv dn bettr...keep up d gud work.

  2. what ever u have written if is your word than yu are goddess......

  3. Each n every IF ONLY is backed up by an UNTIL and UNLESS... as desires r juz limitless, so to erase this IF only from life isn't that easy at all..

    Nicely written...

  4. I liked it.. Leave apart everything.. It's real truth in the bare naked form..
    All the best for future.