Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What does Narendra Modi's win mean for me?

Everyone followed the Indian National Election in 2014. Most of us were ecstatic with joy when the results were declared on May 16, 2014. Today, more than a month post the results declaration I decided to write an article on what this win means to me personally. A female Indian engineer and soon to be a business student, currently working in United States of big A. There are several reasons why Mr. Narendra Modi, honorable PM of India evokes strong emotions in my heart and mostly in my mind. 

One man who broke the logic of cast, creed, social status and opportunities.

1.       On a lighter note: For once I will have to no longer answer anyone who thinks ‘Drinking Chai does not energize you ‘. To everyone reading this article, there is no way our PM’s famous ‘Chai pe charcha’ could be held without him drinking the same. I also secretly believe that Chai is the source for his super power that enabled him to cover all those miles in rallies (which seemingly are greater than my Alaskan Airlines mileage so far).

2.       For a student entering the MBA zone, I am convinced that at some time in my career I want to start a business venture in my home country aimed at skill development for women in technology and production sectors. I was in doubt about this long term goal given India’s shackle economy and previous government’s intention to NOT make any decisions on any front (I believe the concentration was fixed on helping Swiss bank help generate enormous interests for the last 10 years J). Today, I see a chance for my dream to come true primarily on the basis of access an individual may have to the PMO with the social media and business savvy government. 

3.       I was not a rock star in my school, college or at work. However, what I have learnt is to constantly teach myself to be better at things in a systematic and planned way. So far, it has worked for me. Mr. Narendra Modi’s win has reaffirmed my faith in the process of self-improvement and learning which never ends at any juncture of life. The man came out of the shadows of 2002 to attain the highest post in the largest democracy. There are significant positive changes that I believe Modi has brought in his personality to state the importance that he stands for India as a whole, that he stands for ‘us’. 

4.        In the land of ‘Baby dolls’ and ‘Munni Badnaam hui’ there is someone who dared to have faith in women (who can do more than smile, dance and adorn a man’s arm) by facilitating more than 33% women representation in cabinet. He understands that ‘multitask-ers’ are needed as much in an operating scenario as the ‘focused’ lot. 

5.       This is ripped off from a Facebook post I wrote few days after Mr. Modi’s swearing in ceremony.  The victory of Modi is the story of possibilities. It is the story of triumph over adversity, of hope over despair. If any proof were needed, that in spite of crushing poverty, insurmountable odds and disadvantages of caste and backwardness and want of education, that with persistence, courage, energy and optimism one can succeed then Modi has provided that amply to the youth of this country. And there was no other time, when we felt more passionate and energetic towards achieving our goals and building a brighter future than we do today.

Here is hoping for a shining India and reinstating that he is no Superman who can work magic with wearing his underwear inside out but a man who can galvanize the country’s 1.4 B citizens and take decisions that inadvertently result in a better economy, health and work opportunities for Indians (and not in opening his account in the Swizz Bank Indian Pol Club).