Thursday, October 18, 2012

The mundane

He came to his mother half running, half panting
Clutching tightly the ‘envelope’ of his dreams
For what he was taught, from the very beginning
The ‘grade sheet’ defined success or so it seems

Amongst the grades, his parents found the ‘world’
Grades defined your life – social and otherwise
These were markers that labeled – straight and curled
Curled for the ‘average’ one, straight was the ‘wise’

His little mind battled hard, perplexed to know,
Why would a Grade A be liked and a Grade Z ignored
An ‘average’ at math, could be a star at ‘Javelin throw’
Each of us has a talent, unknown and yet to be explored.

The common, average, usual and mundane let not define my life
And these were the thoughts that went through his mind as a child !!