Saturday, December 15, 2007

She Is The One!!!!!

She is the one!!

Its difficult to actually describe her in words..
as dedicated as a teacher and as independent as birds.
From morning to noon and noon to nite..
she has taken care of all our fites!!

From d day i was born to the day i will live..
she has always followed the philosophy of 'give'.
Never has she desired anything other than joy..
even those...wholeheartedly were for her daughter and boy.

She has always wanted everything for the self last and least..
her all prayers were centered around protecting us from the worldly beast.
All our sorrows always evaporated and we dinno where..
we even din get to know that dey were deposited in her share.

we were her stars ,we were her life..
she even considered motherhood above 'The Wife'.
to see a smile on whose faces she worked day n nite..
balancing the spectacles...even on the week eye side.

When i studied in the nite,i wasnt alone ever..
there was always that hand guiding me forever.
happy for my success and sad when i failed..
she never showed her tears to me but alone she wailed.

The woman who requires a special mention of praise..
those silent eyes,peaceful mind and loving gaze.
This is to the woman i love admire n respect..
whoose dedication even the almighty cant suspect
to the world she may be just another
but to me shes the one i call MY MOTHER!!!


  1. Hey Poorvi,

    This is the one, where you'd transformed all the pixels of the Image of the MOther into the right elements. It is really simple and fantastic.


  2. its official .... I am a fan of urs now !! kuch to bhi!!

  3. hey its really touching.....nice way to appreciate ur mother...nice writing style

  4. Awesome! Just ... Awesome. I'd read it as many times as I would come across it..