Friday, December 7, 2007

Her Dream.....the girl.....

The Dream.....the Love!!!!

This is the most unofficial draft of love one could make,
Still if he is reading its only for his sake
She have felt this for quite a long time now...
But still took time to tell him how..

The sea breezes, the rain seizes...the sun n the moon,
All remind that he will come soon...
Out of her dreams into reality...
So nobody could call him an illusion or virtuality.

She dreams about him not only when she hears bollywood songs..
Not only when she sees Bipasha in John’s arms...
Also when her cousin is getting married
With the dreamy bubbles over her head , getting all carried.

She imagines him a blend of Kunal, John and Arjun Rampal,
Blue eyes , muscular built and Black Bal...
But that’s not all......intellect also matters,
Anything less than Bill gates ....and all her dream shatters.

Mom tells her....”come out of your dream world”

She hasn’t stopped dreaming...definitely not!!
HIM...who understands her...her dreams...n what she’s got...
Some1 who will always stand by her in happier moments and sad days
Holding her hand mopping her brow....all Saturdays and Mondays.
HIS love wont be related to her beauty or her age
Whose name will be written on her life’s each and every page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. really fun and charming to read.....keep up d gud work..

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  3. i must appreciate the thoughts as they make u fell as if somewhere or the other u being a part of them!!
    All the best!!