Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fatal Attraction

It's not about the movie, a bollywood or for that matter a hollywood hunk, a skimpy dress in one of the overpricedstores or a new cuisine my cook just learnt!It's about the only thing I have started craving for when I cannot cope up with things, or want a break from.

Chai( ENGLISH : Chai , FRENCH : Latte) has occupied an importanat place in my software cladden life.I look up to it morning ,noon and night.The brown syrupy liquid gives me a gateway to exit my present qualms and I float into a world where I see things as I want to, coming back only when the cup empties.An add on these days is my brother whose living me these days and surprisingly makes super duper Masala Chai.

I thrive to delve deep into the CHAI WORLD , and soon will be quenching my thrust googling for it.More to follow on this one.

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