Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sunshine and the little wine

And I drank ,
with all my strength and all my will,
for I was making an effort to see
what was long behind hidden in the shadows of dark.

What it was and why it was
was Hidden from me and itself
and through the dark, that someone inside me I missed the most
I leaped for and slowly called..

'It's me' I said and the voice echoed " I cannot be more close to myself than now"
and I realized
nobody else is alive who knows me better than I do today
so the sun shines and I gulp the left little wine.

And take what has now become of me, that ME which I had thought was in the dark was actually always there.....

We sometimes try to find something in us which was there before and has changed over the course of time , and not finding that leap into past not rejoicing the present.

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  1. Why are you getting too much philosophical !?
    doesn't suit on you. :P