Thursday, December 9, 2010

All about you

It's my bittersweet memories attached to you
that I dream of in chilly nights
and also in those when I think
That it was not meant to be like this
I ask each day what would I do
If things were any other ways
For any moment I spend in the sun
I stare and look beyond the shore
for the hand that holds my sand

And............. , ....... Yes ...

I have fallen in love with myself
Someone so close to me
Someone who knows all my secrets
Yes I talk about me and the one I am
I Love it when it rains and I remember an old song
or a written crushed paper lying at the back of a book
or a Maggie eaten without being cooked
Something that I said which I shouldn't have
Somethings I like which I should always have
The travels that had been done
People those have been met and loved and hated
the Hate which I still sometimes carry
Yes I love myself for knowing what I know about a child
that somehow grew into a person that I am , not so wild !!!

PS: I wrote this in moments when one feels very close to oneself !! ( and yeah it doesn't rhyme at all , I did not make an effort for it to do so)


  1. though u didn' made it rhyme but it was one written with emotions and thats what calls for everything.. like it