Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops I did it again with Black!!

When I was 5, I fell in love, completely, head over heels with myself. This is one of the incidences which made me doubt my sanity and lose my love for me a little.

I like to dress well and over the years I have from the comments and feedback realized that I do dress well. But that’s neither here nor there because one’s habits and one’s rabbits are not always on the same side. It’s very important for a single, good looking (every girl I believe is born good looking, smart and not so intelligent but we develop the later over time the former never leaving us) and well-educated girl to spend 20% of her monthly income on shopping for her Company’s Annual Year End party, in fact it’s essential for her to check out at least 10 brands and shops before settling on the dress.

So keeping in lieu all the above and many more La Femme points I prepared for days for our Annual party in 2008. I had kept in mind everything before settling on what to wear, what else to wear and what not to wear but it was not my day after all(I think I can’t say anything else now having gone through the whole incident again and again in my head and Baah I don’t feel sad).

I checked in mirror twice, my beautician had done a good job with my hair (all red looking bled), my dress was fine and infectious (I like it that way J ) and I was looking good with minimum accessories and maximum tattoos. Now coming to tattoos, I like having temporary tattoos majorly in black and silver. Today I decided to do something different, I had bought or actually being smashed by a sales girl with a water proof XXX brand hi fi eye liner which had qualities like it contained some gelatinous substance that was supposedly non sticky to eyes and it had I think some geographical advantages that it moved only in one stroke or something like that and that it had visible dark double toned color (What does that actually mean!!!). As this liner was worth Rs. 1000 and in addition the pain it had caused to a shopper’s heart on being bought made me use it as a tattoo ink. I designed a very lovely flower chain, with small petals on the left side of right knee; to beautify the tattoo further I added shine to the flowers. After I was done, with a confident smile and no second thoughts I jumped into the car and was off to the venue in no time.

As is the habit of every girl to check herself in mirror just before entering the venue, I did too. Satisfied, and not noting that the mirror wasn’t a full length one. I entered the hall and in no more than 15 minutes the party was in full swing, eating and roaming and chirping here and there I went to washroom again after an hour or so to touch up things. I was met with a rather ‘Is it fashion for you youngsters’ stare by an elderly female. I was taken aback, nothing I had done could cause such a bland stare, I thought, but then remembering my Mom’s comments I started checking my bag to get a comb. Stare no. 2 from a kid half my height, she said to her mom ‘ Baba baba black sheep’ and pointed at me. I was so annoyed; in fact I was taken aback again. I was confused was it black or was it sheep that I was being called because in my most sensible senses I did not resemble any. Then I met a friend who had coincidentally chosen the same time to brush her hair(I love her for that now).To my pain, to my agony, to my dismay and to my surprise my super XXX brand liner tattoo had turned into a big black infinite looking leg that belonged to me. People thought it was fashion and nobody told me till the time I had made a complete fool of myself. I was confused whether to clean it or let it be, as people may notice the missing patch and then understand the story behind it. I ended up going home after 10 minutes of knowing this fact and missing most of the wonderful party.

When I remember that day, some lines come to my mind:

“The girl who sold to me

The black liner

Tarnished my knee

Looking utmost finer

Meant it was to be

A waterproof one

*Buy before see*-

Sorry I am done”

From year's of experience or bad experience, a list of bad fashion points that are avoidable :

:( Do not wear all white in a dark party, you end up becoming the meeting point in the big party hall for all couples and lost children " Beta woh White wale uncle ke pass milna.. khane ke baad" !!

:( 70s is in right now, but people in the reach for looking totally 70teish go back all the more into 30s or 40s and end up wearing clothes of their Mom and Dad.Avoid that!!

:( Blue eyes, green lipstick, pink cheeks and creme chin ?? People would prefer seeing rainbow.

Stay yourself and stay glamy.

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  1. Nice experience .. hmm yes this happens some way or other in our life ..for it did to happened when I bought my Galaxy 3 mobile and found its camera very poor and some issue thereafter from android OS.
    Though I did a full homework before. Now we can ask for the eval of the product to see howz it is...

    Nice writeup :)

  2. lolz....thats crazy.... but you portrayed the typical girl's habit very well :)

  3. In love with yourself!!! So Hedonistic :P

    Have heard of black eyes.. but black knee and leg.. too good

    Good post.. so very like a girl!!

  4. Well , It was nice :) Keep blogging.

  5. Hi there,
    I noticed that you added me to your network via indiblogger, so out of curiosity (and yes, you know how we Indians are such a curious, inquisitive lot), I followed your blog. Would really appreciate it if you could do the same. Pretty please? :/

    I like this post and look forward to reading more. :)
    Nice indirank, by the way.I've just given up on mine.
    Oh and um, try those permanent markers, they come off too, but not too easily.

    Aman (Audiophile 93)

  6. Oh poor you.....Fiascoes happen..Especially these makeup gals, they will sell you s**t in a glam fancy way that will make you feel dumb for not having such an important item of makeup in your vanity box.

    a very well written post!