Thursday, December 23, 2010

For my silent friends

“Speaking with me were the eyes

The corners of which were dry

Nobody had listened to their cries

Mother Lion killed and the baby just sighs

Today the King of the jungle, the heir to the throne

Walks in the cage, silent and so alone”

- Written, while coming back from the Hyderabad Zoological Park

For years I have not taken a unique and an achievable New Year’s resolution. A New Year’s resolution has always meant serious business to me and something that requires maturity. This time around I have decided to take an oath about something different, something I love, something which is fun and something which is worth spending my time on. I love animals and have always loved spending time with them! It may sound a little unusual, but this year my New Year’s resolution is to visit a zoological park or a sanctuary to photograph the wildlife and popularize the issue of cruelty with pets and illegal hunting and trade of wild animals through my articles. I have zeroed upon this resolution because recently I came across an article published in National Geographic that revealed a broader picture of the atrocities being committed on our speechless friends. It’s time I give back to the old dog I once had, to the parrot that called out my name, and the animals I had enjoyed seeing in the zoo as a child. I am committed to give my best, plan to make it a measurable task and do exactly as I plan :) ..


  1. all the best girl...hope your resolution works out for the best...

    the poem is beautiful btw...


  2. hi
    nice new year resolution..:-)).. a unique of its kind...Though I hvnt made one :-( .. as it has more to do with my job n all.. hmm on this MY best wishes. As I love nature. . n everthing thats lives in it :-)).
    if you get. some free time. which I feel very rare being in IT industry.. then do visit back..

    take care :-))

  3. Interesting resolution.. All the best for it..

  4. great.. this one will keep u enthusiastic for the year... all the best:)

  5. A simple expression of life... isn't it?