Friday, December 17, 2010

For my mother

I learned to stand today

Ma I rushed to you

I learned to write today

Ma I wrote your name

I learned to say ‘I love you ‘today

Ma I said it to you

I got my first, first rank today

Ma it’s all because of you

I had my first fight today

Ma I complained to you

I went away to college that day

Ma I am so missing you

You did not pick up my phone today

Ma I am thinking of you

I liked a guy for the first time today

Ma I so wish to talk to you

I have learnt not to trust today

Ma I remember your words

It’s my first job interview today

Ma thanks for the luck charm

I got the Best Employee Award today

Ma this one is for you

I am getting married today

Ma I am scared, where are you.

I am holding the chubbiest baby girl

Ma, she looks exactly like you.

It feels I am more a part of you then any other day

Ma, I am your daughter just like you.


  1. she is an endless ocean of unconditional love and emotions. 

    -- nice poorvi...

  2. Nice one... and yet time and again we fail to realise her efforts to provide us with the best.

  3. mother's are blessing of heaven and the love won't end till we are here... :)
    lovely lines and.. and beautifully put.

  4. Thats a list of real nice things to say to your mom, Poorvri..I wrote something similar but yet so different ... u may love to read it back :-) Here's the link


  5. Lovely Poem,

    Yup Mom is world to us.
    She has been the driving force in all of our life.

    And its a wonderful feeling...

  6. very beautiful...Ma is an integral partof life...the nature ,the universe...i loved it to the core...reminded me of just touched every heart...kudos to you

  7. reminds me of a poem/ghazal by nida fazli sahab. here goes :

    बेसन की सोंधी रोटी पर खट्टी चटनी जैसी माँ ,
    याद आता है चौका-बासन, चिमटा फुँकनी जैसी माँ

    बाँस की खुर्री खाट के ऊपर हर आहट पर कान धरे ,
    आधी सोई आधी जागी थकी दुपहरी जैसी माँ

    चिड़ियों के चहकार में गूँजे राधा-मोहन अली-अली
    मुर्गे की आवाज़ से खुलती, घर की कुंड़ी जैसी माँ

    बीवी, बेटी, बहन, पड़ोसन थोड़ी-थोड़ी सी सब में ,
    दिन भर इक रस्सी के ऊपर चलती नटनी जैसी माँ

    बाँट के अपना चेहरा, माथा, आँखें जाने कहाँ गई
    फटे पुराने इक अलबम में चंचल लड़की जैसी माँ

    nostalgic write up there, keep pening more ;)

    cheers !

  8. Wonderful one...mothers are truly God's blessings ! And no matter how much we might disagree with them or anything else at the end of the day we do come back to them :)

    Loved it :)

  9. I agree with Deepika..
    Well penned..

  10. Sweet! Like the way you've given it a memoir feel.

  11. Glad to find you writing about your mother.
    You might like to read this .

  12. its beautiful and soft...just like a carries a lot within in....


  13. So beautifull.....i m in tears......Really you have expressed the feelings abt Ma..(in Marathi, we call the Mother 'Aai' it's the most beautiful word.) which is really tough to express.....You deserve more vote ...voted now...sorry for the late...(my net connection was not allowing..)