Monday, December 27, 2010

Old days Part 2

Yes and as I promised this is the part of my list where I remember my old days, really nostalgic.

(PS: please do not copy these images , and if you do please post a link to my blog for reference , this has happened before so I wanted to give a note this time :) )


  1. hmm ya some thing never go off- board remains intact such is the effect of Old is Gold.
    bajaj, nirma to hawkins all. hv got great recognition and paved ways to creative advertising..
    :-)). thanks for sharing Poorvi :-).

    c u soon.

  2. Hey! Thanks for rejuvinating ol' memories! :)

    (Watermarking your pictures make them rather secured, can use Picasa)

  3. well Maggi is not a part of old days yet, it's very much present :P

  4. Those child hood memories suddenly cam to life..