Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am Sorry

For I will die
another death
and yet another one
For my heart will beat
only to one name
without fear without shame
For I will always miss
the air the pain the kiss
that was shared in dreams
For my thoughts are where
I can't stop and I can't start
coz it was never better to part
For the only way the best will happen
Is my leaving the place where we were
and we are not
and being there where we can be
together once and forever!!


  1. this one was like a dreamer's wish.

    lovely thoughts and words.

    this one has made something clear... i'll be back to this place again and again.
    loved it.

  2. natural flow of emotions..
    conveyed nicely :)

  3. Is it a Poem; Or a Suside note.

    If it a Poem, it is full of fresh air, which I love to breath in
    And adolescence thoughts of love and “Pain”.

  4. a lot of heart...i love writes which either portray the outcome of personal experience or which allows the reader to relate closely....very well written ...good pen