Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating life - celebrating myself

(Photo: Somak Bhattacharya - All copyrights reserved)

I came as a loud bumper in the otherwise straight life of my parents.
I came as a flower to shower their mutual affection
I painted my cheeks - yellow and black with tiny color pens
And mamma, looked from the end of the newspaper – A tiger in the fence.

I have a brother- a right one in the middle of the other
I played with him – Kitchenset, teaset and homeway runs.
None of the games he played, found their way to favorites
We fought over – chocolates and reading books
And anything and everything that came in our way

I am NOW a wife and a woman
Making my path on this trail
Learning to stand despite getting failed

I balance the shades of work and home
I sometimes make the Dal spicier for taste
And sometimes forget to throw the leftover and waste
I keep a check of things in my diary
Driving on highways gets me wary
I like the pen more than these keys
I like the colors more than the white
I do things without reason
And don’t do some with a self-invented mission
I worry about the pimples even when are absent
I love myself – my life and my presence.

I know the darkest secrets about myself. I know what I am but I am not sure what I should be. I am puzzled and I am angered. I like to eat and go out but enjoy the silent dinners as well. I have lived life with reason and affection. I like mathematics but often do errors in calculation. I like the red but pink makes me feel younger. I stare at the girls who are much too curvy and achieve satisfaction when I see someone a pant size bigger. I am conscious about my clothes and what I wear. I smile without a reason and much out of love for life.

 I celebrate myself today!! Yes, I am a Jeanie in a bottle and I can open my bottle on my wish.
I am a woman who has made a meaning of my life. I wish and will go a step higher each and each stride….

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  1. You are a beautiful and expressive jeanie in a bottle surely :)

  2. Beautiful writing , Poorvi and best wishes for the contest:)

  3. Oh my goodness. This is awesome. Loved every part of it Poorvi. Happy women's day (belated) to you.

    You might interested in reading my post on women. Have a look. Am no way near to you compared in writing, but it is my try to thank beautiful women around me. Thank you.


  4. @Canary : Thanks :) ..
    @Rahul : Thank you and all the best to you as well..
    @Mak: thnx, read yours and left a comment :)

  5. Good one. Happy Belated Women's Day.