Friday, February 24, 2012

A letter to my Blog- Marriage and Seattle

This is a leap of almost 4 months and hence I have decided to make up for what I missed sharing with my blog.

To my blog,

Seattle, Washington

Subject: A rush of emotions.

I apologize to you for keeping myself away for long and for strong but there were reasons. There has been a significant change in my life in every respect and order.

I got married on 15th Jan 2012. We (Me and Noni, as we call each other) had known each other for more than 4 years and it was time that ‘Chaddi buddies’ turned into ‘Soul err.. Sleeping mates’ and so we did. An array of emotions was associated with each ceremony and some of the closest moments with the closer ones. I remembered when our parents decided to tie this thread and get some sense out in our senseless and out of order lives - we tried every technique to postpone the inevitable.

When I think now, I guess we were too lazy that time to plan the whole thing out and hence the ‘No, later please’. Today, it feels wonderful and complete, happy and jolly, mad and more mad and content and energized. We are trying to make out our careers and house together :)

Moreover, both of us changed our locations shifting to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. In the past 2 months we have gone through – interviews, happiness, shocks, again happiness, over shopping side effect, planning, occasions, VISA work, packing, farewells, partings, numerous flight journeys and NO technical honeymoon travel together.

All this has made life and togetherness a constant companion. As an extension of my apology, I attach some moments from the past few months since it is difficult to pen -down all emotions in the form of words this time.

(Due to space constraint the resolution of the pictures will be kept low)

Taking the vows with the lawyer in Kolkata( we had a court marriage first and then the traditional one).

The mehendi( beautiful Indian art or tattoos without ink).

After the Ganesh Poojan at home in Nagpur( the first time I tied a saree)

Covered in oil and Haldi(turmeric) and arguing for 'NO PHOTOS please'.

Waiting for the engagement ceremony to start( one of the first brides I believe who dresses earlier than the groom).

The Sikh wedding at the GuruDwara in Gwalior.

KanyaDaan in Gwalior wedding.

Wedding Reception in Gwalior( the posy pick).

I will follow up in the next letter with the story from here.

Love and a promise to not forget you again,


  1. Congratulation,
    Wish happiest moments..
    Best of luck to both of you.

  2. @Being AC n @ Saket : Than you for the wishes and Yes writing will continue without barricades now :)

  3. Heartiest Congratulations Poorvi and best wishes for a wonderful life ahead! God Bless you :)

  4. Thanks Arti.. :) I am just on the learning path with respect to everything these days :):)

  5. Hey Poorvi, many congratulations:)
    I'd love to know the full story, right from buddies to love mated and life-partners. Hope that follows soon :)

  6. Thanks Animesh .. yeah I am still in process of drafting everything but something cannot be put into words :D

  7. Agree, there are things which cannot be put in words. They are just to be felt. :)