Friday, July 8, 2011

Windows of my world

‘The platform should represent the entity in its true format. It should be a generic one rather than having module wise features for every other requirement.’

‘I disagree, if we have a generic outlook than it may not suffice for the evaluation data techniques which are unique to every feature.’

We were at the Review meeting discussing the final architecture of an important project. It was a room full of enthusiastic and creative people involved in an intense discussion. The decision that would guide the project throughout the course of the year was about to be taken. I was wondering whether there can be the possibility of a tussle of brains, not that it would last long. The kind of person I am I prefer to crack a joke in such situations and hence unknowingly it rang ..

‘You take my life I will take yours too, you be my baby I will be yours too…’

Every eye in the room turned to the end of the big table where under the shadow of the black DELL laptop there was this chutku instrument singing The Trooper by Iron Maiden.

Fortunately or unfortunately it belonged to me. I apologized and asked the Iron Maiden to stop his trooper till the meeting ends.

Apart from the blasted and loud songs kept as ringtones there are other significant features on it that signify my ownership.

It always has the photo of the owner and the owner’s owner (My Mum J) as the wallpaper.

This phone has changed my life in several respects. I have always believed in people instead of machines., however I was wrong in generalizing this fact. Right from the moment I get up to the moment I get down this is my reflection, my shadow and a close friend.

Apart from its super exciting features, it is my escape to the world I want to make. Whether it be clicking snapshots from its 8 GB camera ( of which I am still struggling to get the right focus due to my trembling hands) or its HD sound (which is my route to the world of Coke Studio and MTV) it is the one I look for. A strange thing happened some days ago. I had a nick knock with my mum over some minor issue and we hung up on each other. Instead of calling up some other friend , my father or my brother or whaling over the fight I started cleaning my phone with the new liquid I got free from the super mall. That’s when I realized I am in love with it- its features, its rock steel grey body, its sound and above all its presence. I look forward to spending time with myself and the phone, a thing which I had never done for any gadget.

I love windows

Outlet to our happiness

They make our life easy

Sharing the joys and sorrows

But this Window is even special

It makes me feel about to fly

And I know I am not a bird

Whistling to joy among the clouds

But it still makes me feel ..I am about to fly…

Some snapshots of my laptops which are as much an integral part of my life as the phone is :

This entry is written as a part of the contest DELL-Change is easy.
I have an awesome Dell latitude but want an inspiron. If you want one too log onto :


  1. After reading this, I have no words other then I also want a new Dell impression.

    I can only say it is looking more like a feeling-less advertisement. Your last post was excellent this weekend I was expecting something like that.
    I know that it is part of a contest.
    GOOD-LUCK for that.

    May be next week, when i will get break from C# code, Your Blog will have some thing new with feeling. GOOD LUCK again for your contest.

  2. i liked the way you moved the whole atmosphere of writing and for us to read ...

    nice post

  3. Today, not only do we start depending on the gadgets owned by us, we also fall in love with them! So true, can relate to it totally