Friday, July 22, 2011

FBMania - am I loosing sanity?

'I can breathe, I breathe 24 hours a day, I live and go to office or school or stay at home, I am what I am , I am what I can be.. for everyone who lives Post this on your FB wall if you are alive, I am alive :P'

And I woke up ! Shit has it drooled down to this level. Without a second thought I knew the answer- YES, screamed my leftover mind, Yes it has. Random messages such as this one floating around 'DO this if you are that' Why the hell do I want to tell someone that i am a girl or a boy. Some considerations apart its quite visible and for that matter clear to those who count to me. Every little thing be it happiness, religion, causes, or simply a disease is made fun of with these obnoxious and heinous status messages. I have to use strong words because that is how I feel right now. For those who really do care about ' Showing off to be a Papa's angel' I am sorry I fail to put in any 'desolee`' for my opinion.

Although random in their intrinsic sense these messages have something solidly in common. Their absolute failure to serve any purpose other than cluttering some people's innocent walls (Aha, do I mention that i am counted) and providing already busy facebookers more reasons to stay online and write 'If you dont Post and Like this new status of mine, we are not best friends:( :x'. Please lay special attention to the smileys used in such messages. While posting '.......... I support Leprosy, do you' they put in a smiley like ':P' or ':)' at the end. I fail to get the intent - does it mean you are happy for people who have leprosy or you are teasing them, for me such smileys only produce these effects literally. The hidden purpose is of course hidden. Writing on your facebook wall that you support Leprosy is the most disgusting thing I could think of written on a wall. Now come on, in all the static sense how many of us have even gone ahead and touched a person suffering from the disease or how many of us have gone and worked in the areas which support Leper rehabilitation and treatment. Then how and when did someone with that wall post support Leprosy.

It feels helpless to read such messages and that is when it comes to me that mockery is a crime.
The ongoing garble of support messages showing their support over their FB walls is another addition to the chapter of FB mania.

Signing off - I am still alive and still don't need a FB post to prove that :)


  1. Such support messages are waste of time....very well said.

  2. so many causes are propagated in FB that we have lost count, based on it NGO s call up to collect the funds for their cause.

  3. This is so true. At a point of time, it used to be fun, supporting causes, but now it's become more like spam than anything else.

  4. That's what I think of these campaigns OR joining a cause things on facebook from the day of sign up which never helps the cause but increment the number on facebook by +1 and may be to score some brownie points.