Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As I leave ..

Today as I leave the moment
as I step away from the shore
as I move away from the house
as the time comes near

I remember everything fresh and naive

I want you to smile for me
I want you to hug me
I want you to play with my hairs
I want you to hold me

I will be back sometime someday

I want you to share the laughs
I want you to remember me
I want you to see my photo
I want you to love me

And as I leave today far away ...

You are my best friend, if not my Love
For I don't know the meaning of the word
You are the one I go to with all my troubles
You are the one I think of listening to songs
You are the one I share my joy and sorrow with
You are the one I look back to today as I leave ....


  1. TOO GOOD.

    I loved it, Or you have given words to what I am feeling after relocating to Mysore from Bangalore last month,

    Is it you Birthday today??


  2. hmm...pass my best wishes to your best friend :P

  3. Very well written .. but I am confused :P

  4. @Akshat n Anjul : Its not about me .. :)

  5. Today, I wanna splash my feelings through out the world, in hundred inks to feel and pen.

    Beautiful, lovely and gentle:)

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