Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

I am a child looking for the divines

Of chocolates, of colors, of rhymes

My house was at the center of the kit

Where the newspapers said the quake hit

There was movement all around

I was searching for my dog all day round

But there is only water and mud and pieces

Of things that were mine and my niece’s

My Mama says it will be fine

And I am waiting for the sun to shine


  1. good one. In few lines you summed up the grit, determination, approach towards life, and never say die attitude of the Japanese.

  2. Hi Poorvi,

    Very nice , touchy poem.
    coming after a long tym.
    Yup whole ppl around the world are chanting for Japan.
    And wish god bestow his blessings over japan and put it back as before.