Friday, April 1, 2011

Go for your dreams

Every step I take, the moment is a wake
Bringing the known knowledge
to me , my body and my mind
In the face of the sapphire
it cannot be forgotten - The Aim
For this is what I want from life
For this I must do, I must thrive
For this is what counts to the top
The dreams I have cannot be lost
For me this is more than anything today
and if its just not something for me
I will never give my second best shot
To gain the Sapphire I will put my energies
Never loose hope Never loose shine
For I believe that tomorrow is mine !!


  1. this could be such a beautiful song!
    Sapphire :)
    good work poorvi!

  2. nice one...tomorrow and all the days thereafter is yours...:-)

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