Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

There can be 2 worlds where our children or their or their .. children can find themselves in, one in a land of rocks without water and air, plants and animals, all hot and all cold OR the world where we were born and bought up by our parents.

As the saying goes “What goes around, comes around”.

An introspection that made me do my bit for the environment. I was so shocked to see when I sat and wrote this that in how many ways I can help mother Earth.

Getting ready for office I was,

Flowing bath tap without pause

The room I went to, was left behind,

with lights and fans, running combined

The mosquito killer goodnight mat pays

Paradoxes its name by running even in days

Breakfast is breaking the fast with a quick bite

Even with coffee machine heating left and right

The geyser which heats runs for hours

“I forgot to switch off, there was no power”

The lunch being cooked by the cook of the house

Is blackening the roof, blacker than the attic mouse

A chimney to buy, he says: “is too costly”

Costlier than the life it’s affecting poorly

Off to office, driving on the roads

Playing the music harsher than toad’s

The sound rustling so high, no one bothers

Music it is for me, headache for others

Reaching the office, climbing through lift

No hurry, but the ladder is just not swift

Using the Gym, I will also be

Walking in the park, Let it be

Fresh air and walk are much healthier

Gym is more IN, till I am wealthier

My laptop and my PC are always working

Even when I am out, they are lurking

Forgot to give water to the money plant

Which rests on my desk and is going slant

A little of water, a little of care,

will give me more O2 to share

I drink from 10 paper cups, 10 times a day

Forgetting for a cup a tree is slay

Using a Mug will make more sense

Making the greenery ever so dense

Coming back from office, I bring the packs

Of grocery and eatables, laying on the racks

Using the paper instead of polybag

Lessening the plastics in the house to sag

Bulbs we use, are easier to choose

Making the ozone ever so loose

Chloro Floro carbons that they ooze out

Hampers the climate without any doubt

A little change here, a little effort there

Let’s show Mother Earth that we do care.

How we can, What do we do ??

Who can help you out ?

I pledge to go beyond the hour!


  1. Nicely written Poorvi...
    Good choice of words and a wonderful message..

  2. Nicely written Poorvi..
    Good choice of words and a wonderful Message conveyed..