Thursday, March 10, 2011

Delhi - A story (Part 1)

Just stepping out of the train, the familiar voice came crashing into my ears “ Hain ji, bade din hue Mrs. Khanna…Sada munda kina bada ho gaya hai.. Hai..”.

No I did not know Mrs. Khanna or Mrs. Mehra for that matter but I knew the voice of Delhi. Yes I had entered Saddi Dilli, with its magical aura, love and long history.

Delhi had and will always be a sweetheart for me; I tasted its colors at an early age and still relish the taste of Dum Aloo and Tadke wali Dal. The familiar faces of Aunties, the vendors, Loud music, hot summer, and even colder winter, Chat ka chatka and pani ka matka. Visits to IIT campus or AIMS ka canteen, Nescafe ki shop ya Autowalon ke khwab- There is no limit to the dreams Delhi weaves into you.

When I was young, the most I knew about the capital of world’s largest democracy was that it has a tall tower called Qutub Minar where even the birds can’t reach. From the Tomb of Qutub to IndiaGate, From the Disco and pubs to Gajra and Mujra, From the slinky lanes to the broad highways, anything and everything about this city is enigmatic.


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