Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love for Him

A man sees the sailor sailing his empty boat , waiting for a customer to sail , to earn money to take to his wife . To the one the man can never take any gift now anymore for she died in an accident long ago in the same water.He wants to embrace the water today, to leave this world and go away to the woman he loves, to his boat in life.

A ray of hope comes and goes
an empty boat he sometimes rows
the sailor and He, have to go by
Empty hollowed the boat and his heart

But he feels, still he feels

To stop the time, to go away

Is a tick in his hand?

To go away from this place where

‘She’ left him without solace

The sailor though will have to row

He still had his ‘her’ to go

Even with an empty boat and a stomach so sore

He is richer than the ’ man’ standing ashore

For there was no poor, poorer than this ‘man’

Lost her in the same water, the boat today ran.


  1. very nicely written..really nice interplay or emotions in this one ...

  2. Hi Poorvi,

    Nice post , very well expressed the feeling of the lost.
    Its always hard to fill that Void.
    And its hope that keeps us ticking..

    keep writing ..

  3. Cheers Poorvi. Your heart pours forth in this one. Wanted it to go on for some more...very touching

  4. hey your blog looks cool....