Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recharge my hair, get that dream job

“We would consider your application and we will call you in case you are selected” she looked at me and that one straight expression was enough for me to understand that there wouldn’t be any call.
I came back dejected from another interview for a customer support job. 

Now, here I was supposedly considered good at academics, not bad looking and with a great work history. I wanted to move to a customer facing job from a back office one and was thus interviewing for the same but strangely found rejection at all three companies that I had applied to.

I had much reason for a worry. During one of the late night conversations with my elder sister, I explained to her that may be this job wasn’t my cup of tea and my credentials might not be appropriate for such an employment opportunity. However, deep in my heart I so much wanted to get that role. The answer she gave me shocked my scariest senses. She told that I may love the work that this job offered, I may also have the academic credentials required for the position but I may not be presentable enough to work on a front facing role – may be in terms of my communication, appearance, dressing style and a hundred other reasons. 

After hanging up, I went in front of the mirror – and there it was my eureka moment. I realized what has gone wrong with the dead ends hanging low at the end a frizzled mess of black hairs. Gone were the lustrous strands my mother had cared for and nourished when I was a child. The pollution of the cities, the tensions of life and the usual ignorance has taken its toll on my hair.
I badly need to recharge my hair and I believe there is reason enough this would provide me the much needed shine in my appearance to get my dream job.


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