Sunday, August 4, 2013

Anger Mangement is the key to success

Recently, I went through a series of incidents in my personal and professional life that taught me the importance of anger. Yes, you read it right - ANGER.

I had always been taught from childhood that anger is man's worst enemy. Anger can lead to frustration that can hamper relationships and lead one to take wrong decisions. But, through meaningful experiences I have realized that anger when channelized in the right direction and woth the right passion can lead you to success.

A week back, I was talking to a friend back home in India. She had just joined a multinational firm as an advertising executive. Now, I was surprised to hear that news. A. My friend was always on the introvert side and feared public speaking B. She was working as an accountant in a good firm, so why suddenly this drastic career shift. C. I had not frequently seen her creative side which is a compulsion or a driving force behind the advertising professionals.While talking she explained to me, that she always feared people and their reactions. She was someone who would to  watchful of her speech and ideas when asked to present on a large platform. She would shy away of presenting her ideas or creative edge because she was not ready to take the 'public embarrassment'. She also told me how she never liked accounting but since the profession gave her a shield from public presentations and showcasing her creative sense broadly, she took it up as a career choice. This was news to me and so I asked her what inspired her to take this career shift decision?

She told me how her fiance publicly embarrassed her in a get together  by calling her a wimp once(Wimp: a person literally afraid of anything, the luxury of doing nothing). Although, this was a friendly joke but it kind of caught on her. She was angry and restless for a couple of days and then decided to channelize that anger into energy and passion towards proving her fiance and the others wrong.

She went ahead and enrolled herself in a communications course, joined the speech club at her office and stated opting for opportunities to speak at professional meetings. It was awkward at first but slowly and gradually, the much needed ingredient came alive - CONFIDENCE. She enrolled herself in a degree course for advertising and an year later landed this cool job, which she had always wanted to do.

Some stories and incidences inspire you - to realize your dreams. Dont let others define what you can and cannot do. Take that big step of trying and you will find your missing ingredient :).

PS: I am afraid of heights, always have been. But, I will overcome it. I will post my attempts on the blogs.

Do leave a comment if you are struggling with a similar issue or if you have a story that inspires one to realize his/her dream.

And as Andy said in Shawshank Redemption: "Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things. And no good thing ever dies."

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