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She is beautiful - Winner of Blog Junta's Editor Choice Award

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For most of the girls, beauty defines and personifies an elegant face, chiseled features, sharp nose, a curvy smile, batty eyelashes and lustrous hairs. It is right to say that the inner appearance and the outer appearance that complement each other is the most beautiful pair in the world.

But there is more to life and its beauty …

Rationally being burnt is the last way anyone will consider to end his or her life, even the small light brown mark on your right face where your mother immediately applies Burnol causes you to weep and worry about dimming prospects of marriage and career. Many a times we see on road a woman or a girl who becomes the object of our glares, our blinks, our frowns and our tears and by doing so we think that we have done our duty for someone who is unlike us. For someone whose face and body have been burnt badly beauty can have little or no meaning. To live with it for the rest of their lives becomes a bane or a life that we sitting in our house and thinking about a beautiful tomorrow cannot even imagine. But Saira has proved this wrong, for me beauty is she.

Before I write anything further on this I would like to mention that I haven’t met Saira and haven’t even talked to her, all I know about her is from her story which I came across several times while I was searching for some Burn Victims documentaries for a recent awareness campaign in our locality.

Saira, was burnt callously by her fiancé, when she wanted to complete her education before moving in with him. Saira lost all her hope in life and was left with a marked face and partial vision.

(Saira with her photograph, after and before)

But who you see today is not the Saira, who was shattered by the atrocities of her own life partner who had beseeched her. Nor is she the one who sits at home to shy away from the eyes of relatives and neighbors smirking at her face. She joined a beauty salon and started her training and work there. Covered with mirrors all around, the confidence and inner power one need to face the world and help others look beautiful is not what can be put into words.

(Saira working as a beautician)

There are many Sairas, whom we do not know, who have faced the wrath of the society and their dear ones and still have risen strong showing us what beauty really means.

The will power and the strength to fight against all odds, the unlimited courage to change your life, the effort to glow outside keeping your inner self pure - is what defines a beauty for me. Women are god’s most beautiful creation.

‘Your soul, your heart,

The smile you bring,

The courage in life that you have shown,

Always smiling and not a single frown

The beauty that is above the skin

And also there inside the self

Standing strong a day and long,

Even if things went very wrong’

(Many illustrations, links and mentions in the article below are from a series of videos and knowledge I attained on the internet – the back links for the same are provided at the end. Irrespective of the instances, my views are indicative of the opinion I have on what beauty is)

Links and references:

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  1. First of all thank you, for reminding this story. few years back i have seen this on TV about this girl.

    actually we always miss the point of where is beauty is on her face, or on her hands, which give chance to others to feel beautiful.

    yesterday i have seen a lady, she has "NO" fingers on her hand.

    she was looking old, weak and her eyes ................ i can't describe SORRY

  2. That's very true. In my opinion, beauty is a feeling how one behaves/interacts with the world, confidence and charm it carries.

    "Not every good looking person is beautiful."

    Btw your writing was beautiful in this post, once again. Keep fighting for the humanity. :-)

  3. A big salute to Saira who had the will power to face tough life situations!! even after going through all that she hasn't lost her hope...thats so inspiring story for any woman!! there would be many more Sairas who have inspite of all their big life tragedies, had the will power to move on and make their life better!! I have been going through different stories posted under Yahoo Real Beauty!! there are so many good posts!! but this one is very very inspiring for the whole womanhood!! thank you for posting this here and making us all aware!!

  4. first thanks for penning this post.. wonderful and true entry.. Hats off.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  5. The salute to the strength of a woman! No wonder God chose her to bring a new born in this world! Beautiful post :)

  6. It is really unbelievable story, and really beautiful one! Thanks for sharing with us, I am in tears while reading!

    You are really very sensitive! And it's an unbelievable task Saira is doing, to make others beautiful!

    Two days back, my finger is burnt a little! And I was so sad, can't tell you!

    You shown me the meaning of true beauty! :)

  7. When my mom looks at me, I find the beauty inside her eyes, the beauty of love, care and affection.
    When my love looks at me, I find the beauty inside her eyes, the beauty of selflessness, innocence and pure devotion.
    Truly said... 'the real beauty lies in the eyes of beholder', otherwise I would have been an ugly me :)

  8. Awesome article Poorvi... Its truly inspirational... Saira actually personifies the quote “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”

  9. In every 30 minutes, there is one rape victim in india alone. 2/3rd of women population in india has either been beaten, forced for sex, burnt, killed or what not. It really hurts to read story of such a victim itself, only victim knows what that they are going through it. Why we forgot that, we are seeing this world because of women and still these high number of victims across the world, its a shame for a "Mankind".

    Beauty comes from within not by our looks,,looks will get way when we get old day by day. Its our character, confidence, vision towards life which makes us beautiful. Lets take a bow to people like Saira.

  10. Very inspiring and nicely written post. Hats off to Saira.

  11. a wonderfully inspirational story of true courage and undying beauty. good work writing this post!

  12. I like the way you have interpreted the topic and also, beautifully written...

    I have voted for you=)
    Hope you win..

    Keep writing...

  13. beautiful........saira is inspiring

  14. I had read this story somewhere . Great take on the subject. Loved the post.

  15. Nice article.. the story of saira is really touching. It requires great courage to achieve what she has.. All the best for the competition..

  16. Your post gave me goosebumps... through ur post you have revealed the complexities of life and how people like saira survive the burnt of life and yet are strong n determined to move on! An eye-opener to the ills of the society and a thoughtful post to reflect upon... reflect upon the things that we take for granted...
    Thanks for this wonderful post
    And yes, all the best for the contest :)

  17. Great as your post is, I feel you are capable of much more. There's a feeling heart behind the writing.
    Kudos to your great writing.

  18. Very moving story indeed! Saira... She is inspirational... she shows us the difference between real beauty and just the word beauty that is so taken for granted and preconceived these days. Many Thanks for showing us the face of a real beauty through the beautiful life of Saira... Good Luck Poorvi :)

  19. hi,

    luvd the story...grt intrpretation!!


  20. Damn Good! You might didn't know how much gr8 case you have put on your blog. OH! I dont know how to vote in the real beauty competition I would definitely like to vote this if you can assist me to know how to vote. bcoz the index of Indivine is too long and i couldent manage to find you

  21. You might dont know how beautiful case ou had put on your blog OH! its really a nice and I dont know how to vote on real beauty competition I would definitely vote you if you can assist me for how to vote in the contest Thanks and Regards

    Anshu Joshi

  22. You might dont know how beautiful case ou had put on your blog OH! its really a nice and I dont know how to vote on real beauty competition I would definitely vote you if you can assist me for how to vote in the contest Thanks and Regards

    Anshu Joshi

  23. @I am on the blog : You can sign in to Indiblogger , and then go to this url :

    There Click on view post to promote.

    Thereafter, click on promote this post.

    Thanks for the encouraging words :)

  24. hey thanks a lot I've promoted your post

  25. That is true beauty Indeed.

    Thank you very much for voting for my video on Indiblogger.

  26. Dear Poorvi. This is by far the best and most touching blog post I have read submitted for the Yahoo! Dove Real Beauty contest. Well done!

  27. Lovely share, different shades of beauty! :)

  28. very nice. i remember reading an article abt this in the toi ages ago!

  29. Heartrending yet so vivid and inspiring. If only women were not the weaker sex, these heinous acts would never have occurred. But yes, the day they throw back at men (in those countries), then men will know how much it hurts n what guts it takes to rise up after of these bestiality. Lovely post.

  30. Ok Poorvi I am being really narrow minded but i checked ur blog as my maiden name was Srivastava before marriage. But you have a great blog here. And this is a beautiful post.

  31. Brilliant!!!...I have no other words to describe what ever u hav written...I just can pay respect!

  32. Hi Poorvi,

    Really inspiring.
    Particularly this line - 'Covered with mirrors all around, the confidence and inner power one need to face the world and help others look beautiful is not what can be put into words'. Keep up the good work.. :)

  33. Beautiful take on real beauty, lovely ! Nice read :)

    read mine @ Weakest Link: Real Beauty.

  34. Whether or not it finds place in list of top blogs in Indiblogger beauty contest...this blog will remain as beautiful as you have taken the pain to write it.

    Keep it up for the cause.

  35. I am truly disappointed that this blog post did not make it to the top.....
    Hats of to Saira and to you for writing this amazing blog.

  36. first of all...thanx for this post. My masi went through the exact situation. she is now with us after 91% burns. N now she is a well known beautician at our place.
    the courage he carries with her all the tym is just unimaginable.

  37. I indeed appreciate your comment Mausami.. not everyone can stand strong in the face of wrong.. respect for your masi :)

  38. At every stage of life, women personify sacrifice.
    Hats off to you for this post.

  39. Thanks Mak.. this one is claose to my heart ..

  40. OMGoodness! Thanks for writing this out ever so beautifully.So inspiring! Saira really had a heart made of gold and iron! :)Strong willed....amazing.. !!!

  41. Thanks Jen .. yes she is an inspiration to the world

  42. Touching and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  43. Touching and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. God Bless

  44. A very heart warming post. Somehow I had missed this news and am really glad to know Saira didn't cave in to the situation. She's a true inspiration for a lot of people.

  45. Yeah, she sure is .. thanks for reading it through :)

  46. this is is a wonderful post redefining beauty to most of us who are yet to feel what life is and how life is connected to beauty.

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  48. Great Post..

  49. Very inspiring story of Saira.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Keep inform

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