Thursday, February 24, 2011

For the Women at work

I am happy today that I have a place (my blog) where I write and I can write what I feel about anything and everything. The views presented in the below article may not coincide with the general view or it may also , but for me it was essential to write down and resolve an issue as we say in software language that is persisting in the system for a long time now. Here’s for all women employees who work hard to manage both ends and are sometimes criticized for something they have no intentions of doing.

“You are good …. You are awesome … “ She blushed expecting it to be a remark for her project work which she recently completed ( working late nights even when her child was suffering through malaria and her mother in law out on a trip). He removed the pin from the board where one of her painting was clipped. ‘Oh it was the sketch he was referring to .. ..’ she thought , smiling she took the compliment hoping that he will talk something about the assignment she had worked on. As he did not extend the dialogue further she went and sat down at her desk. Then he went down with a friend to the coffee machine, “I guess she knows only how to paint.. “ a long laugh. She was still at her desk thinking she will be praised for her work which was evidently better than the ones the others had done on her team; they were praised.

A female at work is always voiced to be equal to a male at work. But is it so actually, I don’t know. We live in a world where the good even if it is good is outshined by the general bad (the good and bad are very relative sections- purely dependent upon our mindset) at some point or the other.

A female with the list of social responsibilities also has a gift of other unknown medical aids from God; in addition to being the child bearer she is the one keeping the family under a tree all the time. The basic question is that if there is a willingness to accept the advantages (if they think it’s any advantage that is provided in policies for women and not for a man at work) for the mother, for the wife then why not for your cubicle neighbor ‘She’. There are few who will accept these facts and behave in a way as to make you fell competent and at the same time giving you time to balance the acts of a mother, wife and a worker. The other few who do not abstain a moment on cracking a bad joke behind the back (the ones who talk on front are much appreciative than the ones who do behind the back) do not realize that the same would be happening to or happened to their own ones at same time or the other. How many times I have felt that my mother should have been home when I came from school just like my other classmates had their moms waiting for them and shading them in umbrellas in scorching summer; today we have a range of options in our work culture that provide this option to us, but there is a feeling, a thin layer of mockery and general subdued idea that these options are overly used by the gaining party. God has made us in a way so we can multiuse our abilities, we are house makers, we are hard workers, we complete it in time and ‘yes’-we are creative. We love, we believe, we dream, we give .. And for all this we need time.

A scene with my friend - He said “How many offs you take, you are always falling sick … “She said with a smile “No Dude .. I am not medically defected .. I am medically gifted J “.

I am lucky not to have gone through these situations ever J, but there is a need for someone who did at some point in life.

I would consider myself useful today if after reading this there is a change, a subtle change in the then and today attitude of any one individual to the cubicle next door ‘She’.

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  1. Yeah, after many years of liberalization and growing Indian economy with many reforms still the state of women at work is not very good.

  2. It all depends on your perspective sometimes. I believe that if you are satisfied with your work, it hardly matters what somebody else's opinion is. However, satisfying oneself is often the hardest to achieve, be it woman or man.