Saturday, October 12, 2013

Story of my tastebuds

I have been super occupied with my career, education, volunteering work and other house chores these past few months. So much so, that we(I and my husband -- Brhm, as I refer to him) ended up eating out 80% of the days.If you eat out that frequently and you are not one of the richie rich cosmopolitan folks, then you hunt for deals and coupons and try to make every  every meal under budget(which is $25 a day, tip included).

My tryst with this low budget and our fetish of indulging in different cuisines led to the below dining experiences. herein, putting my two cents on some of the 'Ouch and Aahha' Seattle outings:

  1. Pings Dumpling House, Seattle

If you want to eat authentic, and by authentic I do not mean Indo-Chineese  :D, I mean the Mandarin Chinese food rhen try Pings. This cute little place is run by an old lady and her husband. You would be able to see beautiful dolls decor on the wall and can enjoy a free pot of hot jasmine tea along with traditional steamed dumplings. DO NOT try this place if you are a fan of street side Kolata or Delhi style "momos" - you would end up wasting your bucks as the taste of these dumplings is significantly different from those served on our streets(How I miss them!!). Another plus point is that this is one of the few ChinaTown restaurants that offer chicken dumplings. One would mostly get pork and vegetable OR pork and shrimp at most other places.

  1. Udipi Palace, Chicago 

Now, I have to write about the Devon Avenue in Chicago. I had tears in my eyes when Sambhar actually tasted like Sambhar and not Dal AND Rasam had the original tangy taste and not a diluted version of Sambhar. Moong ki dal had Brahma drive me make the same every day after returning from the Chicago trip. Everything that Udipi serves delights your taste buds. Very hospitable staff and hygienic atmosphere. 5 stars from my side. I visited couple of other restaurants too on this trip - Sabji Nihari(mostly serves non vegetarian food) and Patel's chaathouse but they did not match up to the taste of Udipi. A must visit if in chicago. 

  1. Brahma's kitchen

I had to mention this place. Its right in the middle of my home :). The food was cooked by my dear husband and was a delight - onion-tomato-cilanthro salad, Moong-massor mixed Dal, cumin rice and Raita!! Enough to put that extra pound.

Will be back again with something new happening in my life or my views on the current political situation of 'Elections 2014' in India.

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  1. Really nice dishes...Yes I agree that in major places, sambhar tastes like normal dal which is not acceptable for me as well. I am grateful that you have shared your experiences with us. keep posting with lots more...